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Most B2B SaaS Founders are Experts in Engineering, not Marketing

Engineering chops can get to from 0-1 and even help close your first few customers, but scaling past 100 requires a different skillset.

You may have found a way to gain more customers, but only with an unsustainably high CAC.

Even if you've had your team optimize your campaigns, you're still staring at a frustratingly high CAC that won't scale and can't grow your SaaS where you want to be.

The problem isn't with your effort or desire. The problem is you have a knowledge gap.

You need to develop a deep understanding of demand gen fundamentals, and you need to do it quickly while you still have runway.

And while we don't yet have the ability to deliver rapid skill acquisition into your brain yet ala The Matrix, generative AI has enabled us to offer the next best solution.

How Can a Busy B2B SaaS Founder Accelerate the Process of Becoming a Demand Gen Expert?

There are plenty of hot takes out there for you to consume. The world is filled with courses, podcasts, topic threads, and experts with bits of knowledge. But nothing that succinctly addresses the core competencies of demand gen marketing for B2B SaaS businesses, as vetted by the world's best marketers, brands, and campaigns.

Until now.  

And now we're on a mission to help fellow founders scale past 100 through a 9-minute bi-weekly content drop we're calling the "9 in IX Marketing Scrum".

Hi, I'm Yvette Brown

My Co-founder Shari Nomady and I became entrepreneurs in our 20s when we opened our own marketing agency in 1989, after working together for Bill Robinson, one of the founding fathers of sales promotion.

For the next 34 years, we developed successful campaigns for billion-dollar brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels, Glidden, Makita, and Sage Software, to name a few.

After working with a number of B2B SaaS clients, and reviewing over 100 founder interviews with Nathan Latka, we saw a pattern developing. So many brilliant SaaS founders have built amazing products but struggled to connect with an audience in a cost-efficient way. As a long-time marketer, we could recognize their blind spots, seeing the disconnect between how they perceive their product and how a potential prospect would see it.

And frankly, some felt they knew better how to market and sell their SaaS, even though they had no background in marketing and sales.

So, finding a solution to help B2B SaaS Founders scale past 100 was a challenging task, until we leaned into generative AI.

Imagine the Value of Being an Instant Expert in Demand Gen Marketing 

Imagine downloading Demand Gen Marketing expertise in an instant like Neo, so you could:

  • Hit your bootstrapped internal or VC-set sales and customer targets...
  • Scale efficiently with a lower CAC...
  • Attract the ideal customers who will stay with your SaaS and become advocates...
  • Cut through the BS from so-called marketing experts trying to exploit your knowledge blindspot
  • take your B2B SaaS to the next level to successfully exit or IPO

Generative AI: the Missing Link

Over the past 35 years, we've built multiple successful campaigns to drive results all along the customer journey, from awareness to advocacy.

That expertise enabled us to use generative AI to build a super-powered set of the  Demand Gen core competencies that every B2B SaaS founder needs to know (while eliminating the irrelevant information).

The secret is in:

  • identifying the 9 most important core competencies of Demand Gen marketing
  • aligning the key learnings of the top marketers in that area of expertise
  • giving examples of brands and campaigns that have succeeded with that core competency sub-topic
  • vetting the content based on our own 3-1/2 decades of expertise
  • delivering Generative AI prompt templates with each sub-topic

We want you to easily consume the information and use it, so we carefully chose the format:

  • of a written summary
  • then quick audio overview of the subtopic
  • then a 5-minute write framework, 
  • concluding with a bite-sized action step
  • and 3-5 plug-and-play Generative AI prompts

In short, we are using our expertise to help fellow founders, specifically of B2B SaaS businesses, to succeed.

Bite-sized portions, 2X weekly key learnings, frameworks, action steps, and AI prompts.

All designed to lower CAC and scale your B2B SaaS past 100.


Now You Can

Gain expertise from all-time world-renown marketing experts in just 9 minutes a day, twice a week, so you can lead your B2B SaaS from a position of strength.

Become a founding member of the 9 in IX Marketing Scrum at a deeply discount price of just $97 per month during this pilot launch period.

YES! I'm Ready to Scale Past 100 While Lowering my CAC

Gain Demand Gen Expertise

Tailored to B2B SaaS, From World-renown Brands, Marketing Experts, and Campaigns In Just 9 Minutes A Day, Twice A Week

Instantly Implement

Demand Gen Marketing Core Competencies Playbooks using AI prompts designed for your B2B SaaS to lower your CAC and scale past 100

Avoid Marketing Missteps

That Raise Your CAC and Don't Attract Your ICP. Avoid Making Poor Choices, Being Exploited or Misled By So Called Marketing Experts

As a Founding Member of 9 in IX Marketing Scrum here's what you can expect

for the launch-only price of $97 per month.

Get B2B SaaS 9-minute Demand Gen content emailed 2X each week

Twice a week receive exclusive 9-minute content focused on one single sub-topic from 1 of 9 core competencies of demand gen marketing. Each content drop hits a different topic so that you learn about each of the 9 core competencies monthly.

Listen to a 4-minute summary of the sub-topic

Each email includes a link to a 4-minute summary on the core competency sub-topic, explaining the value of the competency within the B2B SaaS space.

Read and take action with a 5-minute Framework

Apply what you've learned with a no-nonsense 5-minute framework. Each one concludes with an action step that you and your team can take to improve your demand gen marketing efforts.

Accelerate Execution with Plug and Play Generative AI Prompts

Accelerate and clarify your results with 3-5 Generative AI prompts in each content drop that support the 5-minute framework.

Leverage the 9 Core Competencies of Demand Gen Marketing

This AI-enabled plan includes the 9 core competencies of demand gen marketing most relevant to B2B SaaS businesses, curated from the world's best brands, marketing experts, and campaigns. 9 competencies x 9 sub-topics means you can be an instant expert in 9 months, while putting competencies into practice along the way.


if you choose 

For just $197, or less than an hour with an executive coach, you can join our LIVE Monthly Zoom call where we cover one of the 9 core competencies, You can ask questions to get specific feedback live from the founders of XPROMOS Marketing Mastery.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the 9 in IX Marketing Scrum during the first 30 days, you may request a refund

Brandi Starr

"I would tell them what I wanted to accomplish and hem like magic the campaign was ready and even more amazing than I expected"

Ken Hefley

"The ROI was clear"

Makita increased market share and drove an incremental $9m in revenue in Year 1 on 5% of their competitor's budget

Accelerate your Expertise in 9 minutes a day, twice a week

with straightforward Demand Gen core competencies from the world's greatest brands, experts, and campaigns, all customized for B2B SaaS businesses.... you can scale past 100 with a lower CAC  and reach you goals of an ultimate exit or IPO.

Join now during the launch period to become a Founding Member for only $97/month.

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